Monday, March 5, 2012

News From Sister Stacey January 18, 2012

A lot happened this week, and I probably won't remember if I just start typing it up, so I'm going to present the events of my week in bullet form.
  • We had an appointment with Cynthia (new investigator) this last week.  We just went and got to know her a little bit and introduced her to the Book of Mormon.  Usually during appointments you can somewhat tell whether or not someone is interested, even if it's just a little bit, or if they're not interested.  She was so impossible to read.  We're not sure if she was genuinely interested or just being polite.  She seemed to really accept the Book of Mormon and understand it's background, but she wouldn't set up a return appointment with us. We're going to try and see her again tomorrow and see what happens.     
  • We met Mike while we were checking into one of the gated communities in our area.  He was the security guard who was signing us in.  We gave him a Finding Faith in Christ pass-along card and he was so excited to talk to us about the Savior.  He's been going through some things lately that's brought him closer to the Savior.  We went back the next day to talk to him a little bit more and didn't get very far into the conversation because he had to get back to work.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and a couple pamphlets and he is going to meet with us again this weekend.  He seems a little intimidating sometimes with some of his questions, but we'll answer them the best we can.  He seems to be really excited to hear our message, though.  We're excited to see what happens when we meet with him again.
  • Here is the highlight of the week-we totalled our Malibu.  It's okay, mom.  We weren't in a traffic accident or anything.  Here's the story.  We have exactly one dirt road in our area.  One.  Sister Hicken is the senior companion, and therefore is the driver.  She remembered how fun it was one time when another sister in the mission was driving really fast on the dirt roads in her area, and decided to do that on our dirt road in our beat up Chevy Malibu.  She hit one of the bumps really hard and I was like, we should probably slow down.  Well it smelled like burning after that.  But we kept driving.  We were trying to find a potential investigator who lived on this dirt road.  We found out we'd driven too far, so we turned around and found the house and knocked on their door and found out that the guy who we were looking for had just moved. BUT don't worry they seemed a little interested so that was a blessing.  We talked to them for a little while and then got back in our car.  Started up without a problem, but the burning smell was still there.  Then the car ding-ed at us and she was like, the engine light is on, so I looked and it was actually the oil light.  Then I looked at where we had been driving.  A stream of oil showed exactly where we had been driving.  Not just a drip here and there, a stream.  There was a puddle of oil where we had been parked.  The car really shouldn't have even started up again, and it shouldn't have even kept driving, but it did.  Thank goodness.  It was kind of a creepy road that I know I would never feel comfortable tracting.  It was kind of in nowhere.  AND it was starting to get dark.  We made it back to the paved road and waited at the stop light for a minute.  When it turned green, Sister Hicken said the car did not want to go.  The engine was rattling really bad, and there was a strange braking belt kind of sound. But we were able to keep going.  She was flooring the gas at this point and we were only going 20 mph.  I turned on the emergency lights and told her to pull over into the first well lit parking lot we came across.  As soon as we turned into the parking lot, the car died.  Heavenly Father was like, okay I got you to a safe place, but now you get to take care of the rest of it.  I got out and pushed the car into a parking stall (NO ONE EVEN CAME AND OFFERED TO HELP ME) and then we called our zone leaders and the woman in charge of the vehicles.  While we were stranded there and giving the tow truck our information, someone from our ward happened to be there and they were able to give us a ride to our dinner appointment.  Yes, I know I should have told her to slow down sooner.  Yes, I know we really should not have kept driving.  But I'm thankful that Heavenly Father was looking out for us, because that road was not a good place to be stranded on.  I'm pretty sure angels were pushing our car.  But NOW we have a truck.  Not because we need it, but because it was the spare vehicle the mission had.  They were about to get rid of it, and for a good reason.  It is falling apart.  It's the truck that when the elders find out we have it they're like, 'Oh.  THAT truck.'  But we like it.  It's got character.  When you push the brake, the right blinker comes on.  We took it through the car wash, and the headlight popped off.  You nudge the back a little bit and the whole frame shakes.  I'm glad I didn't try popping down the tailgate, because one of the elders said that it kept falling off when he had it.  We want to keep it. 
  • We had zone conference yesterday, which was really good.  We talked a lot about finding people to teach, and it made me more excited to go tracting and stuff like that.  We have good leaders in our mission.  My zone leaders said a lot of things that I really needed to hear that motivated me to try harder.  And our mission president is awesome.  I really like those meetings.
  • But really, you're all probably wondering why I didn't email on Monday, and here's why.  Besides the fact that it was a holiday.  We got to go to the temple today.  YEY!  I love temple trips.  It's so nice to be able to walk inside and stop worrying about the outside.  Time stands still in the temple.  There is so much peace inside.   I can't wait to be able to go more often.  Afterward we went to Cafe Rio, which made me miss Cafe Paesan. 
  • Anwyay, that's mostly it for the last week.  We saw quite a few less active members.  Ilene, unfortunately, cancelled on us and rescheduled, then cancelled that appointment and rescheduled, then cancelled again, but without rescheduling.  That gets so frustrating.  She is sick fairly often, but not so sick that she can't just sit and listen.  Next time, we're just going to be like, 'oh well can we come and watch a movie with you and just relax?'  and then watch the Restoration DVD with her.  HA that will show her. We have our first appointment with Samantha Wallace and her family.  If you remember back at the end of October I talked about the ward tract.  She was the less active member they found.  So that's way exciting.  Things certainly are picking up.  :)
That is it for the bullets.  Hope everyone is staying warm.  It's been a little chilly here.  And by chilly I think I actually just mean like 60 degrees, so really it's not bad.  But I got used to the warm.  So to me, it has felt chilly.  Also, I can't believe it's already more than half way through January.  Where does the time go?  It really makes me want to work hard.  Anyway, that's it from me for this week.  Love you all!
-Sister Stacey
PS MOM I shall try to get you a picture soon.  I can't believe you and dad are almost empty nesters.  I am so so excited to see pictures of the wedding.  I also really need to write Felicia a letter.  I feel so left out of the family.  I'm the only one who's never ever talked to her! :)  I need to get on that. Anyway, I love you!  Hope you and dad have a great week!

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