Monday, March 12, 2012


How's everything going?  How's the weather?
This week was really good!  The following events are true.
-MONDAY-Pday.  Nothing happened.
-TUESDAY-we had a lesson with Mike Salter.  We talked all about the Book of Mormon and told him he really needs to read it if he wants to find out if it is true.  He said he would.  He was really hesitant to agree to read it.  He actually did read it once last week, but it was the awful parts of Helaman so he thinks that's what the whole book is about.  NO not at all.  But then we invited him to church and he said yes and that he was excited to go.  BUT he called us on Saturday and said that he wasn't going to go anymore and that he isn't going to read...but he still wants to meet with us.  I don't even know what we're going to talk about if he isn't willing to learn about anything we have to share. But after this appointment, we planned to try a couple potential investigators.  One of them wasn't home so we decided to tract the whole street she lived on.  We saw a man outside who kept looking at us either like he wanted us to come talk to him or he wanted us to leave him alone.  Since we're missionaries we don't really care-we just talk to everyone anyway. haha  We talked to him (his name is Jose) and he said he had just moved to his house a week ago and that he was looking for a church to attend and was actually looking into ours.  We invited him to church and he said he would be there.  He was there which was SO EXCITING.  He enjoyed it.  We didn't share too much with him on Tuesday because we had to be at an appointment soon, so he was really confused during sacrament meeting when it was all about the book of mormon.  He was like, what is this book and why have I never heard of it?  We talked to him for a long time after church and he is really excited to read the Book of Mormon now and he said he'll be at church next sunday too.  He has a very violent background, and during a particularly tough time, he picked up the bible and changed his ways.  Now he says he is just hungry for knowledge about God.  He has a very sincere heart and we're so excited to meet with him again this week.  So YEY we found another person while tracting!
WEDNESDAY-We wer able to see a few less active members who we haven't seen in a little while, so that was good.
THURSDAY-Nothing too out of the ordinary happened today.  Just a regular day of missionary work.
FRIDAY-Same as yesterday.  Sort of.  We had a lesson with Carmela about the Doctrine of Christ and she would not stop talking, which was difficult. It took us three hours just to read one chapter of the Book of Mormon!  She keeps going off on tangents and it's impossible to bring her back, no matter how hard we try.  I'm not sure what we're going to do in the future. 
SATURDAY-This was a tough day to stay focused because we were distracted about getting transfer calls in the evening.  So here is the news-I am still in Spring Valley Lake.  STILL.  I have been here forever.  I was hoping to get transferred, actually.  Not that I don't love this area, because I do.  I'm just really ready for change and to work with new faces.  But I'm still excited to be here in this area because we have some exciting things going on.  But after this transfer, I'll have been here for seven and a half months, and I'll be ready to move on and meet new people.  It's going to be hard, though, because I love the people here. 
SUNDAY-I already told a bit about Sunday, about how Jose was there but Mike was not.  One of our less actives was there as well, which made us very happy. 
ANYWAY it was a good week to be a missionary.  We were pretty busy and we've been working really hard. 
I hope all of you have a great week!  LOVE YOU!
-Sister Stacey

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