Monday, March 12, 2012

Great Week 1/30/2012

Dear Everyone
   Hello!  It's been a very exhausting week up here in the desert.  First of all, it was sisters exchanges.  It's always fun but a little tiring.  It wears you out to learn how to adapt to different companions and then have to return to your own.  But it was good.  We taught Adriana finally.  We haven't been able to see her for a month.  Since it's been so long to since we've seen her, it was hard to kind of get her refocused.  We're not sure specifically what her road block is.  She keeps saying she just can't accept the fact that Heavenly Father will only stay in the Celestial Kingdom and not go down to see His children in the others.  We talked about how sometimes we don't understand the way God works.  Our comprehension is so limited.  We're just trying to help her to have faith enough in what Christ taught to be baptized and to have peace that she is on the right path. 
   After the exchanges were over, we spent a lot of our week moving in to our new home.  The kitchen was funnly stocked so that was good.  We have a front loading washer and dryer-much better than the unbalanced washer and dryer we had at our old house.  There was one horribly uncomfortable couch and one bed.  That was it.  We spent a lot of time moving more beds and desks into the house, which was definitely a process.  Sister Hicken and I chose to take the master bedroom which is HUGE.  We have remote controls for our lights and ceiling fan.  The one bed that was already in the house was in our room.  It was kind of gross so we started to move it out of the room.  Our zone leaders were helping us with this and one of them discovered that the bed was plugged into the wall, so naturally we had to find out why.  We discovered a remote control for it and it turns out it's very similar to a hospital bed.  The head and feet move up and down, and it also has a massager.  Sister Hicken took it (which is fine with me).  We're now completely moved into our house and we love it there.  I hope I don't have to move in two weeks (when the next transfer date is). 
   We got another new investigator this week.  Her name is Carmela.  She is old and has some health problems.  She was almost baptized before but wasn't because she doesn't want to get her ears wet... We invited her to be baptized again and she says she wants to but won't commit to a date until she is feeling 100%.  We felt that she needed to be taught the Plan of Salvation, which was great, but she went off on tangents like every other word.  It was a very long lesson.  But also good because I think we helped her to overcome some of her fears.  We're seeing her again this week and see how she's doing with health things.  She honestly seems fine.  So I hope '100%' is not too far around the corner.
   Other than that, we weren't able to do much teaching last week.  We have a lot of plans this week that we're excited about.  We're still teaching Mike Salter, the security guard.  He doesn't live in our area so we sent the other missionaries who are in his area over to his house and he called and told us to tell them to stop.  I thought he didn't want to meet with us at all, but Sister Hicken kept talking to him and he said he wants to keep being taught from 'our word' (the Book of Mormon)  So that was exciting.  We called president and explained the situation, which he is fine with.  If Mike ever decides to be baptized though, he needs to be taught from the other missionaries. 
   OH YEAH and Rebeca moved to Arizona.  That was disappointing.  But her mom and dad really want her to work and go to school, which is understandable, and she wasn't doing that up here.  They made sure that they're close to a church so she can go.  Even though they're not members, they're way supportive which is great.  Once she's moved in she's going to give us her address so we can send missionaries her way.  I'm a little sad I won't be able to see her get baptized, but oh well.  All that matters is that she DOES get baptized. 
   ANYWAY, that's all.   I hope everyone is well and has a great week!  BYE!
This is our truck.  I wish I had gotten more pictures of it before we had to give it away.
That made me sad.  I loved it.

This picture is just for fun.

I wish I didn't look so sleepy.   We've been moving.

Use this one for the cardboard cutout for Matt's wedding.
-Sister Stacey

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