Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Week Was Great 3/05/2012

Hello, Family!
   How was everyone's week?  This is still not a rhetorical question.
   Our week was great!  We had lessons with Jose and he is still on fire and so excited to be baptized.  He was having a hard time with his roommate not being supportive at all, and got a blessing and things seem to be going a lot better.  I can't believe it's only been a month since we found him and started teaching him!  There really are prepared people out there who are looking for the truth!  One of those, we discovered, is Manuel.  We didn't have a lesson with him a couple weeks ago, like we were hoping.  He finally gave us a call a couple a days ago and said he had big news.  We got there and he said that we was going to turn himself in to jail because he had some tickets he couldn't pay.  Sad.  We then had a long conversation about repenting and being forgiven.  It was so good.  He had some LDS friends growing up and he said that he went to church with them all the time, and now that he's older he realizes that it's all true.  He has a wife and three children whom he really wants to listen to us as well.  I think they're waiting to see if he sticks with this.  So he is going to turn himself in today, and we have been praying that they're just able to work out some sort of community service arrangement.  He is very excited to read the Book of Mormon and hopefully we'll  be able to teach him now, rather than in a couple months.  But he seems so ready!
   In addition to Manuel, we got a new investigator named Terry Todd.  He is a former investigator and he had to stop taking the lessons a while ago, and said that he's ready to get back into this.  He also said he would be at church, but he wasn't there.  That is such a strange thing that happens.  People say that they want to learn and commit to go to church, but then they don't go to church and they cancel their appointments.  I've learned a lot about agency while being on a mission.  Especially from our experience with Mike Salter a few weeks ago. 
    Other than that, things are still going well.  A couple interesting things that happened yesterday was that a man fainted at the pulpit.  Pulpit?  Is that what it's called?  That seems weird.  Pulpit.  That certainly got the congregations attention.  He was fine.  Something about sugar and blood.  Also, remember when we totalled our malibu about nine weeks ago?  Well apparently, my companion was put on the list of people who are not allowed to drive mission cars anymore, so I FINALLY get to drive a car again.  After seven months.  YEY I don't have to stand behind the car and back her out!  We'll see how long I really get to do that, though, because transfers are in three weeks.  The whole ward keeps saying 'you're a gonner!'.  I hope they'll miss me. 
    And now we need to go get our shopping done and get ready for our nerf war we're having with the zone today.  I am man excited about that. 
    Love you all!  Have a fantastic week!

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