Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh, Hello 3/19/2012

Dear Family,
   Oh, hello.  How's things how's the weather etc.  THE WEATHER HERE IS RIDICULOUS.  For the last two months it has been going from summer to winter overnight.  It will be so warm, almost hot some days.  Like in the 80s.  And then the next day the wind (the wind here...we're not friends) will pick up and it will be FREEZING.  And then a few days later it will be hot again, and then freezing.  We had a rather big storm this last week, right on the day we were going to another ward tract.  Only about five members showed up and two missionaries in our zone.  We all debated whether or not we were actually going to go because of the dust storm.  I took a video of it and maybe I'll be able to send it home sometime.  We did end up going tracting because the Lord knew we had been planning on going so we put our faith in Him and braved the weather.  Some of the members were able to give out a couple copies of the Book of Mormon, which is really neat.  Sister Hicken and I did not have much success.  Right after the first door we knocked on it started to sprinkle.  And then pour.  We were soaking.  Anyone who opened the door first said they're not interested, and then looked at us and told us to 'stay warm and dry'.  At least they're concerend for us, I suppose.  We told a couple of them about General Conference and who knows maybe they'll listen.  One woman let us in for a second to get a bandaid for me (my finger was bleeding)  She was very nice and maybe we'll go try her again sometime.  We'll see.  But that was tracting.  It was actually very fun for me because I love the rain and doing things in the rain.  And somehow we weren't cold. 
   We also had a very eventful Sunday.  The events go as follows:
  • We invited Manuel to church, which he accepted.
  • He then told us he got in a fight on Saturday night and got hit in the head and got a scratch that he was embarrassed about.  We told him it didn't matter and he should come anyway, which he said he would.
  • He didn't show up by the time sacrament meeting started.  We decided to go over to his house and tell him the scratch was fine and encourage him to come to church. 
  • We arrived at his house.  The scratch was not bad at all.  The massive goose-egg on the side of his forehead, however, concerened us.  Mostly because he was very out of it.  He had slurred speech and kept repeating himself incoherently.  He kept saying that he was also feeling lethargic and should probably go to the hospital.
  • We agreed.
  • Even though he kept saying he needed to go, he wouldn't.  He didn't have a car anyway, so we offered to go get someone from the ward to take him there.  He kept avoiding answering and then said he wanted to fall asleep.  We said we were going to be right back with someone to take him to the hospital and he said okay.
  • We got Sister Biberston, her nephew, and Jose to come. 
  • We went to his house and he was even more out of it.  He also said he had a ringing in his ears and was seeing double.  He also said he kept randomly passing out.  We all told him he really, really should go to the hospital since he most definitely had a concussion, which he kept refusing to do.  Although occasionally he would say he thought he should go to the hospital.  It would have been funny, if we were not concerned. 
  • We called the paramedics over. 
  • They finally convinced him to go to the hospital. 
  • In all, the even took three hours.
   So that was Sunday.  I hope that he's doing okay, and that he isn't mad or embarrassed that we did that.  We were really concerned, though, and especially because he kept trying to fall asleep.  Doctors reading this: I don't actually know how serious of a problem it is to fall asleep when you have a concussion, so knowing what I know I was very concerned.  Did we do right?  It was really cool for Jose to be there, though, because he could really relate to Manuel and it will be really good for them to be friends and for Jose to help him stay on the path.
   Anyway, other than that this week was pretty uneventul.  Exchanged were fun and being down the hill was very green.  I've gotten so used to the dust and dirt of the desert.  Transfers are coming up (Mar 27) so we'll see whether I stay or go.  Sometimes I really want to stay, but other times I feel ready to go and start work in another area.  Either way, what is supposed to happen will happen, so I don't need to stress about it. 
   That it from me for this week!  Love you all!
Sister Stacey

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