Monday, March 12, 2012

Jose' Got Baptized 3/12/2012

Dear Family,
Hello!  We had a great week up here in the high desert!  On Monday, of course, we had a nerf war which my district won, of course, because we're awesome.  It was an epic battle and at times our situation seemed bleak, but we came out victorious.  A kid in the ward let us borrow his nerf guns, so we were well supplied.  I got some good ideas for future nerf wars at home.  So be excited for 11 months from now. 
On Wednesday we had our appointment with the Cromptons.  I can't remember if I talked about them or not yet.  Michelle is a less-active member of our ward.  Dino, her husband, is not a member.  We've been trying ever since I got here six and a half months ago to get in and meet with them.  We were finally able to a couple weeks ago.  We didn't have time to do anything other than set a future appointment.  He said he was really excited for the lessons.  So on Wednesday, when we had our lesson with him, he was talking to us about how he wasn't sure if he made it obvious enough how excited and ready he is.  He wanted us to be absolutely certain of that and told us for about five minutes that he was so excited and that he was looking forward to us coming all week.  The day of he kept looking out the window and kept asking Michelle when we were going to get here.  Is he excited?  We talked about the Book of Mormon and he is so so excited to read it.  He already knows that he's going to get baptized sometime.  It was so exciting!  It's more than just bringing someone to the truth, it's bringing a husband and wife one step closer to the temple.  :)
Then Saturday of course was very exciting.  Jose got baptized!!  The baptism was so good.  He was really nervous before, but then after he was baptized he was just so happy.  There were lots of people from the ward there to support him...we actually didn't have enough chairs for everyone, it was so full!  I really appreciated that because he doesn't have any family and no friends that were supporting him through this.  He has a big ward family now and they all look out for him.  They've been so good at welcoming him into the ward and helping him feel comfortable.  Jose has such a good testimony.  He was so prepared.  He told us that the day before we tracted into him, he was getting ready to start church hopping to find the right fit, and prayed that God would lead him to the right one.  And then we showed up!  It just goes to show how sincere he was.  He truly wanted to know, and he recognized it when he found it.  His heart is truly converted and he is going to do great things.  We had a lesson later that day with Carmela, which he was there for, and already he was so excited to help her understand the gospel.  I can't believe it's only been four and a half weeks.  The change that can happen in that amount of time is incredible. 
Anyway, we have sisters exchanges today, and I FINALLY get to do something down the hill!!  I will be with Sister Frandsen in Upland.  I am so exctied to work with her!  She's been there for all of my mission until this transfer (we were roommates).  And then we also have a few good appointments this week.  Things will definitely be slowing down, now that we're not teaching Jose anymore.  Weird.
Love you all!  Have a great week!
-Sister Stacey

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