Monday, January 16, 2012

Email from Sister Stacey 1/09/12

    It's been an interesting week up here in Spring Valley Lake.  As I mentioned last week, we just had transfers.  I am now with Sister Hicken.  She's been out for 13 months, so definitely a lot longer than me.  I am not the senior companion, obviously, which is okay.  I am learning a lot from her.  It's been nice to go try potential investigators because they don't know who we are so they can't get mad at us for trying them again.  So far, most of them are not interested, or they're going to another church, or various other excuses.  There was one name Cynthia who seemed more interested than the others and invited us to come back over.  We're excited to meet with her this week.  Along with that, we have been trying to contact all the less active members in our ward who live in the gated community.  We were able to set return appointments with a couple of them, but most of the others said they don't like visitors, or they're not really prepared for company, or anything else that would keep the missionaries away.  We've also been realizing this week how hard it is to proselyte at night time.  NO ONE and I mean NO ONE will open their door past 7PM here.  They did in the summer, but not now that it's dark.  They'll sort of talk to us through the door and tell us to come back later or something.  Some people seem really scared of us.  I don't understand.  We're just two girls in skirts. How much less intimidating could you be.  Plus also, this is Spring Valley Lake.  It's weird if we don't see like 10 cops a day patrolling the streets.  People walk their dogs at night here.  For the desert, Spring Valley Lake is actually pretty safe.  But oh well.  Does anyone have suggestions on how to stay busy at night?  We're running out of ideas, and it's only been a week.  We're going to try having our appointments at night from now on.  
    It's been fun taking Sister Hicken around the area and introducing her to some of the people that we teach.  We went over to the ward clerks house to request a new ward list and just visited his next door neighbors, the VanCleaves, who are also members.  Sister VanCleave was so touched that we were there.  She started tearing up and said that in all the 8 and half years they've lived in that house, that the missionaries never came to visit them, even though she really wanted them to.  I thought that was so sweet that she appreciated our visit that much.  Even though some members may be active, they love having the missionaries over just to bring the spirit with them.  I am glad we were able to do that for her.  
    We FINALLY got back in touch with Ken and Kim.  They have been out of town for the last month.  They're really busy this week getting back into work and life and things, so we'll hopefully be able to sit down with them for the first time this weekend.  How long have I been talking about this?  Forever.  I hope it works out this time.  We were also able to see Ilene for a minute.  We haven't seen her for a while so I was nervous that she was getting ready to drop us again, but she wasn't that way at all when we were there.  She was excited to see us and set a return appointment and she said that she decided she doesn't want to give up until she's given it an honest chance.  She said she's not really open to change, but if she feels like this is where the Lord is leading her then she'll do it.  It's so hard when people say things like that not to just be like, IT IS!  THIS IS WHERE THE LORD IS LEADING YOU HOW DO YOU NOT SEE IT but it doesn't work like that unfortunately.  They have to come to the knowledge themselves, which is the whole point.  It will do them no good unless they do learn for themselves.  Is that a word?  I've always wondered.  Themselves.  It just sounds incorrect.
    It was a really good week.  It was long, and it felt like the days would never end at times, and we're struggling to stay out working at night, but we had some really good moments.  I am enjoying this time to work with a new sister and to learn from her and see how we will be able to influence this area.  I think this transfer is going to fly by.  I can't believe how fast time seems to go when you start measuring time in transfers.  I also can't believe that, on tomorrow, it will officially be five months since I went into the MTC.  Time flies when you're busy!
    Well that's it from me for this week.  I love you all!  Have a wonderful week!
-Sister Stacey

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