Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hello! I'm An Aunt! 5/28/2012

Dear Family,
I don't have very much time again this week, unfortunately.  Which is okay.  It's great that I even get to email at all.  Since it's Memorial Day, all the libraries are closed down.  They opened the family history center for us, but we have a limited time that we're able to use it.  So I'll have to make this brief.   Again.  BUT you get to hear from me, so YEY!
We had some really good lessons this week!  First we saw Bro. Burke and taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  You're like, don't you just teach that every day and YES I do teach the gospel of Jesus Christ every day, but I mean we taught his doctrine in greater detail so that one can't misunderstand.  We started by talking about the Savior and the Atonement and how even though we have that gift extended to us, we have responsibilities in order for it to take effect in our lives.  He really seemed to have a light turn on when we told him that.  He kept saying things about the stuff that he knows he needs to change and that he is going to work on it.  That's great because usually when he starts talking about those things he'll say there's really no hope for him.  The Spirit was definitely present at this lesson, and when people feel the Spirit, they want to change.  He is still progressing slowly, but it's still progress.  We're excited to meet with him again this week because he said he would pray this time!  It will be the first time he's ever prayed around us. 
We also had a really good lesson with Kim.  We read 3 Nephi 11 with her and talked a lot about Jesus Christ and the Atonement and then watched a Mormon Message with her.  At the end of the lesson she started saying all the things she wants to be doing better at like reading the scripture and things like that.  Again, the spirit was very strong at that lesson.  So she wanted to change.  Since then she has read the Book of Mormon every day and her husband Scot is becoming more interested!  We're excited about that because she said once he starts doing that, she'll get baptized.  So hopefully things will keep picking up and we'll be able to set a date with her soon.  The day after our lesson with her she said she was feeling very rested and grateful.  She was like, 'is that the Holy Ghost??'.  YEP!
We decided to focus our teaching on Jesus Christ this week because of the zone conference we just had.   We talked a lot about Him there and we felt the spirit so strong.  That is how people gain a testimony.  Our testimonies must be centered around Jesus Christ and when we understand the things he did for us better, then we'll act.  That's another great thing that I've learned from serving a mission.
Anyway, it was a great week!  Can't believe it's already half-way through the transfer!  I hope everyone's week is great!  Say hello to Sophia for me, those of you who can.  :)
-Sister Stacey
PS MOM- I got your letter last week.  Guess the mail just decided to send it slowly.  Also thank you thank you for the package!  Much needed things. Those half tees are great!  BUT I think I like the cap sleeve better, just because everything I have already has sleeves.  And I love the footies.  It's okay that you missed last week.  Ella is just too cute!  Drive safe to Michelle's and have fun etc.  What was wrong with your car?  Anyway, love you! 

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