Monday, June 25, 2012

Fontana 6/25/2012

Dear Family,

   I feel like I am emailing from Disneyland in the Innoventions building.  Which of course makes me feel very happy because I love Disneyland.  So I got transferred to Fontana in the Oleander ward.  My companion is Sister Dyckman!!  I was so happy when they said that at the transfer meeting.  It is so fun to be with my MTC companion again.  The Oleander area is very diverse.  There are many trailer home parks (way different than the areas I've been serving in) and also at the other end of the area there are very nice homes.  Once again I am at the end of the mission.  There is a 'mountain' (hill) that one of the major roads goes through that will take you into Riverside. 
   There are A LOOOOOOT of people we're working with.  Which I love!  The Oleander ward is pretty big area wise.  The activity rate is pretty low.  As as result there is a lot of work that needs to be done to build up the ward.  So much, that it is usually a split ward.  There are not enough missionaries in the mission right now for that to happen, so we're covering both sides of the ward.  We have about 29 people we're currently working with that are actually showing progression.  Of those 29, about 11 or 12 of them are investigators.  Definitely a new experience for me!  I love it!  We're so busy teaching people every day. 

   I could write on and on about everyone, but I'll just pick out a few highlights.  We got two new investigators this week.  One is named Danny.  He is the non-member son of a less-active woman in the ward.  He is very open to learn and he knows he is looking for a way to be closer to God.  HOWEVER he also feels like he has to study every religion before he can pick one.  He has been invited to read the Book of Mormon in the past, but says he won't because he needs to read religious works in order...starting with some religion that starts with a 'z'.  He said it's the oldest religion known to man.  I don't think so.  He seems excited for us to teach him though and hopefully we'll be able to teach him in a way that he will find the answer he has been searching for.  He's really nice and he just really wants to understand and have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  His mom is also very nice.  She's been less active for a long time because of work, but we invited her to the relief society activity the ward was having that night and she came!  It's so awesome to see less actives come to things you invite them to. :) Our other new investigator is a woman named Darlene.  She is also very open.  We shared the doctrine of Christ with her and she said that she is already familiar with all of that, which is good.  We like it when people realize we believe in Christ the same way they do.  She said that she doesn't feel like she needs to get baptized again, so hopefully when we teach her the restoration she'll understand.  She said when we knocked on her door she felt such a feeling of peace from us and she was really intrigued by that. 

   In addition to them, we set appointments with a couple potential investigators, so we'll be getting two more new ones this week.  I already just love this area and I love everyone that I've met so far.  There is one girl who was just baptized two weeks ago who is so enthusiastic about the gospel.  You can tell that she loves it and it has done so much for her.  She's a really sweet girl. 

   Yesterday was my first Sunday in the ward, obviously, and by the time I left, I already had a speaking assignment.  First one I've ever had - assignment wise.  I was called up to speak spontaneously that one time, and a couple Sundays ago in Upland they did sort of the same thing, so I appreciate having a warning and time to prepare. 

   We're definitely keeping busy!  I enjoy not having to spend so much time 'finding'.  While it is a good thing to do, it does make the  days awfully long. 

   I need to take a picture of this library so everyone can understand what I'm emailing in.  It was...unexpected.

   There's not too much more to update everyone on.  So I suppose I'll just say good bye.  And also to have a nice week.  :D

   Love, Sister Stacey

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