Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cool Things Happening 6/04/2012

Hello Family!
   How things?  Apparently (for those of you in Utah) it's hot and dry.  Can't say I'm too envious of that weather.  It's great here in Upland, and if it starts getting too warm, we can just go tracting up in Mt. Baldy.  I love it here.  The weather really is usually perfect. 
   Well last week we had some really cool things happen.  We'll start with Bro. Burke:  We had a lesson on prayer with him and he finally prayed at the end of the lesson!  I don't know that he's ever done that for missionaries.  He tell us all the time how much he likes it when we come over.  He said he's had a lot of missionaries come and teach him in his lifetime, but we've taught him differently than anyone else and he likes it.  And people in the ward say that they've seen more progress in him now than they've seen in a long time.  His son (one of the counselors in the stake presidency) is happy, but I think he's trying not to get his hopes up, because I think he's done that before.  I know Brother Burke will be baptized one day, and he's slowly getting there.  May not be by the end of my mission, but definitely some time.  He is a really good man and I hope that he's able to overcome his obstacles soon.  
  Kim:  We had a really good lesson with her, also about prayer.  She said that lately she's been praying about a specific baptism date, which was news to us!  We though she still wanted to wait for Scot.  I think that he's gotten to the point where she knows that he's interested, but he's still just a little shy and nervous about taking the lessons.  But he still wants her to ask him about it, so ONE DAY, he's going to say yes.  Which she knows.  So she's at peace with moving forward.  That was very exciting.  Hopefully she'll get an answer soon.  She said she thinks about it often. 
   Alfonso:  We had planned on his baptism being this Saturday, but that's just a little too soon, so we're moving it to next Saturday. (*sidenote:  Manuel, from my last area, is also getting baptized next saturday, along with his wife and two daughters.  Sister Hicken called and told me about that last week.  I am so excited for them!  What an amazing miracle!)  Alfonso is excited, he already knows who he wants to baptize him, and he's ready for it.  It goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway.  I am way man excited for June 16
   We also did a little bit of tracting and met a woman named Susan who seems to be at a midlife crisis and is looking for 'something'.  We asked if we could come back with her and share more about Jesus Christ with her, and she said she would love that, so that was exciting. 
   NOW everyone is out of town for the next couple weeks and it's going to be somewhat slow. 
   We have sisters exchanges this week, and I'm staying here again.  It's kind of unusual that for the last three exchanges I've been here.  I exchanged here my last transfer in Spring Valley Lake, and now I've stayed here twice in a row.  There must be something I keep needing to do that I haven't done yet.  Hopefully I will find out what that is!  Sister Winert is coming here.  I don't really know her very well, so it's going to be fun getting to know her better!  We will have an interesting couple days together at my apartment.  They're remodeling it, so it's going to be a little noisy.  We'll probably end up studying in the park across the street.  I am really excited for the remodel.  The old cabinets were OLD and maybe a little moldy so I'm excited for something fresh.
   Yesterday in Sacrament meeting one of the sisters in the ward who shared her testimony said something I hadn't really thought about.  She talked about someone in the 70s who said that, even with the calling he has now, he felt the spirit strongest in his life while he was a missionary.  She used an analogy of weapons in the army, about how you give the best weapons to the soldiers in the front line.  So that's also how it is with the Lord's army.  If you think of the armor of God, the only weapon is the sword which represents the spirit.  So those who are at the front lines sharing the gospel (missionary or not) will feel the spirit even greater in their life because it's what the Lord uses to touch people's hearts.  I thought that was a cool.
   Anyway, I hope that everyone has a great week!  Be safe!  Have fun!
Love, Sister Stacey

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