Monday, June 11, 2012

Grumpy (not me) June 11, 2012

Hello everyone!

   How are all of you doing?  I'm great!  Still loving the perfect weather here in Upland.  Well this last week was pretty uneventful, since most of our investigators are out of town or busy graduating from various schools.  As I mentioned last week, we had sisters exchanges and Sister Winert came here with me.  We had a grand time!  I really enjoyed working with her and I hope I will be able to some day in the future.  She's only been out four months.  Sometimes I feel like I've only been out four months.  But it was ten as of yesterday.  CRAZY!  We spent our day trying to get into the homes of some of the less actives.  They were all gone, moved, or didn't answer their doors.  Except for one man.  Who was angry and mean. >:(  He told us he didn't want ANYTHING to do with the church and that he's told that to the bishop so many times but people kept trying to visit him etc.  He told us he was being 'nice' to us and if anyone else tried to visit him 'it's gonna get nasty'.  Whatever.  It's really sad when you come across people who feel that way.  He was getting very contentious with us so I didn't want to ask why he'd made that decision, but I really want to know why.  I just pray that all those who feel that way out there may have their hearts softened so that one day when the Savior tries to talk to them again, they'll be able to listen.
   So there was that man which was really sad and unfortunate, but the rest of the week went really well!  Since everyone is out of town, we had time to do some tracting and trying other less actives.  We finally met some less active members who want us to come back and visit with them.  YEY!  AND NOW we've gotten lots of referrals from people in the ward who have talked to some of their friends and their friends said they would take the missionary lessons.  I love it when that happens.  When members assist in the work, it is so much more successful.  It was funny because one of the referrals was from a man (Bro. Ogden) in the ward who said this couple was really open to listening to us and had gotten all his information from him and gave us the go ahead.  We knocked on the couples door and the husband answered.  Before we'd even finished introducing ourselves he said no thank you and shut the door.  So we talked to Bro. Ogden again yesterday and he said he'd talk to him again.  So that will be something to laugh at if we ever do start teaching him. 

   Other various updates:  Amanda graduated from high school.  Hopefully she'll have some time to meet with us soon.  Kim graduated from University of Phoenix Saturday with her masters in business.  We had dinner with her after and her husband, Scot, and both of their moms were there.  It was very nice to visit with them and let them see that missionaries are normal. 

   Transfers are this week, so who knows what will end up happening next week.  Obviously I will let you know. :)  But do enjoy your week and also summer.  BYE!

-Sister Stacey

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