Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Loving Upland May 21, 2012

Dear Family,

Okay I have very limited time this week, so this will probably be a little short.  (I accidentally left my library card at home, so I'm using whatever time I have left on my companions account.  She's so nice.)

First of all, we had car troubles this week.  We had a small sort of accident a couple weeks ago, and we just got it to the shop to be fixed, which left us without a car obviously.  So they gave us another car to use for a couple days.  Actually it was a truck.  And not just any truck, but the very same truck I had a couple transfers ago last time we had car troubles.  I thought that was funny because there are so many spare vehicles and that's the one they happened to give us.  I loved that truck.  It's gotten some of it's problems fixed.  The turn signals are now fully functional, and also the tailgate is finally attached.  The tires still have no tread depth, though, and the emergency brake release is still broken.  I thought they sold it for parts and would never see that truck again, but I did, so we'll see if it crosses my path again before the end. 

Also, I accomplished one of my lifetime goals, which was to learn how to sound like a cricket.  I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to make that sound during awkward silences, and now I can.  I'm so happy!

Well this week it seemed like almost no one was home.  We visited many less actives houses and didn't get an answer at most of them.  We got a lot of information about the area, though, so that was good.  We did have a lesson with Julie, the woman from Taiwan who came to church last week.  She's a really sweet woman who really liked our message and wants to learn more.  She was raised buddhist, but then became a Christian when she moved into the country.  She wasn't at church yesterday, which was a little disappointing.  We have a lesson with her this week so hopefully we'll see her then.

We also had a lesson with Alfonso.  His baptism was scheduled for May 19, but that's in the past now, and as you can tell I haven't talked about it yet.  So he didn't get baptized upon that day.  Mostly because of his mother.   He's tried to talk to her about it, but she starts to get really angry.  Lame!  She is still in town and won't be gone for another two weeks, but he said once she's gone he's definitely ready.

Speaking of people being ready to be baptized, we had a good conversation with Kim this week.  She took us out to dinner at Flemings in Victoria Gardens (which ruled, by the way) and we talked for a long time about what she's been learning and where she wants this to go.  She said that she knows it's true and that she gets goosebumps every time she talks about it, which is good.  She's ready to be baptized.  Good!  But also then there is her husband Scot, who she really wants to be a little more involved.  She said she doesn't even need to wait until he's ready to get baptized too, but she just wants to wait until she knows that there's a chance he will.  They talked about it after we left that evening and he said he really wants to learn.  Every time we're there, though, he conveniently disappears.  I suppose we'll just have to tape him to the couch.

It was a really great week!  Still just loving being in Upland and getting to know the people here.  This morning I was reading Pres. Monson's talk that he gave to the Young Women at the general meeting.  It was good!  Yes it was directed to the YW, but it was applicable to everyone. 

Anyway, must be going.  Love you all!  Have a wonderful week!

-Sister Stacey

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