Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Malo e lelei! May 2, 2012

Dear Family,
Malo e lelei!  Fefe hake?  (a little Tongan there for your enjoyment...my roommate is from Tonga)
Or in other words:  Hello!  How are you?  It sounds like all is going well from what I read in mom's email. 
We've had a pretty good week here in Upland.  It's been a rainy and cold last couple days.  But before that it was starting to get hot.  Hot and humid.  But I was enjoying it. 
I'm sure you are all wondering why you didn't hear from me on Monday.  The reason is the same as in past Mondays that were not holidays.  We had a temple trip this week!  Which means that today is our pday instead.  I just love going to the temple.  I haven't been feeling very well the last couple days so I was worried that I wouldn't feel up to going to the temple this morning.  But I felt well enough so we went.  I love the spirit at the temple.  It is so peaceful.  I'm thankful to have one near my mission so that we can go. 
So last week we saw Alfonso of course and set a baptism date with him!  It's officially May 19, but will most likely be changed.  He wanted to get baptized before his very catholic mother came to town to stay with him and his family for a month.  But she's coming yesterday, so as you can tell, May 19 is during her stay.  He's worried that she's not going to be any support at all, so if she doesn't like the thought of it, he's going to wait until she's gone.  I hope that she supports him and will even attend his baptism.  That would be really neat.  But I'll let all of you know what happens.
I forgot my planner so I'm trying to remember everything that we did last week.  Not that it wasn't important, it's just time goes so fast that sometimes I can't remember when things happened.  On Saturday we did Mormon Helping Hands and painted a fence at an elementary school.  That was fun.  The cleaner that we used to clean the fences off dried my hands out completely, so the next couple days I had sandpaper skin.  haha 
Okay I hope this was last week.  I mentioned that we had sister's exchanges and that Sister Dodge was coming here to my area.  We did LOTS of tracting and mostly everyone was less than interested.  One man told us that we are following a false prophet and that the best thing for us to do would be to put down the Book of Mormon and stick with the Bible.  We asked him if he'd ever read the Book of Mormon and he said that he's STUDIED it.  Obviously not.  At least not for the right reasons.  One cannot study the Book of Mormon and not gain a testimony that it is the word of God if your studying it for that reason.  I get so sad when I meet those people that have done that, because they feel like they know the Book of Mormon and everything there is to know about 'mormonism' so they're rarely if ever willing to listen to us.  I am just thankful that they'll have more opportunities to accept it.  He was the first person we tracted into that day.  The last person we tracted into just before dinner was a woman named Brenda.  In contrast to the first man, after we introduced ourselves, she said 'OH LDS!  I love you guys!'.  It turns out she is very interested in geneogoly so we told her about our family history center and things of that sort.  Sister Frandsen and I saw her again on Friday and she is a very kind woman who does not really like the thought of organized religion.  She started telling us her experiences with churches in the past.  She's been pretty offended at some of them.  They would get mad at her for asking questions and other various things that I don't think people should be getting mad at.  Some of the churches discouraged people from studying on their own.  She doesn't agree with that.  She has never attended our church, though, so we invited her and also asked her if she'd like us to keep visiting with her, but she said she's going to have to think about it.  I really think that she'll be interested one day.  May not be for a little while, but one day.
Those are what basically sums up our week.  It was a really good week and things are starting to pick up a little more. :) Transfers are this Saturday, so I'll let you know what happens on Monday.  I feel like we're both staying here.  I hope we both get to stay here.  :)
BYE!  Love!
-Sister Stacey

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