Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tri-companionship May 14, 2012

Hello family! 
How was everyone's Mother's Day?  It was so fun to be able to talk to everyone!  (Minus Michelle and Richard plus families...I love you guys too:) )  I was sad I didn't get to skype this time.  No one mentioned that they had it set up so we could do that until AFTER we had already called.  Oh well.  I still got to call and that's all that matters. 
Some things that happened last week:
First of all, there is an odd amount of sisters in the mission.  So when we had transfers on tuesday, we found out that we are the trio!  Sister Magvandorj (it's pronounced the way it's spelled) joined us for her final transfer.  She is from Mongolia.  It's been a learning experience to have three of us, but it's good.  We all get along very well and we like it. 
We also saw Brother Burke again, and he is just such a mystery to us. We can't figure out what his blocks really are.  It seems like his excuse is something different every time.  I still think he is sincere about wanting to know if our message is true, but I also think he's not quite ready for a lifestyle change yet.  He knows some of the things that he does he'd have to change and stop doing, but it's going to be hard for him.  But he keeps telling us to be patient with him, and we are.
Yesterday was a busy day!  First of all, we had lots of investigators at church.  That made us happy to see!  Then we taught the gospel principles class, which was fun.  We taught about finding faith in Christ.  I love talking about the Savior and the Atonement.  I learned a lot from studying for this lesson about why having faith is so important.  Love studying!  There was a woman who randomly came to our church.  She normally goes to a baptist church, but wanted to attend a closer church.  Ours was in walking distance, so that's why she came.  She is from Taiwan and she is a very cute old asian lady.  We have an appointment with her tomorrow. She liked how friendly everyone at church was.  I really like this ward.  They're very good at talking to new people and making them feel welcome. 
We have some referrals to contact this week, which is very exciting.  Hopefully we'll pick up some new investigators. 
That's about what happened last week.  I'm excited to get to work this week and meet some new people.  Hope everyone's week is great and grand!  Have fun, stay safe, read your scriptures.  Love you!  BYE!
-Sister Stacey

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