Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011

    This last week was so interesting.  It started off a little lame.  Samantha, the woman from Jordan, called us on Tuesday and said that the Book of Mormon is not from God.  She believes in Jesus Christ, and it is obvious that we don't.  Do not contact her.  Do not contact her neighbor.  Never call them.  Never go to their neighborhood...  Oh well.  Some people just aren't very respectful. 
    Other than her, though, this week was great!  We visited a few less active members, got in contact with a couple people we've been trying to see for months, and had a really awesome experience on Saturday.  Our ward put together a ward tract thing.  We had some people from our ward and also some missionaries from our zone come to our area and tract.  There were 14 companionships out there knocking on doors in Spring Valley Lake.  It was so cool!  We got 25 referrals, 14 of which have great potential, and 5 of those 14 completely solid.  On the street my companion and I tracted we met a woman named Gloria.  She was sort of on the phone when she answered the door and said it wasn't a good time, but that she needed us to come back the next day.  We were like okay what time, then she hung up the phone and started crying.  We didn't figure out why she was crying but just said that Heavenly Father loves her so much and we would love to come talk to her again and she said ok.  So we went and saw her yesterday and found out that we had knocked on her door just minutes after something really sad happened to her.  She is in a really hard place right now, and just needs to talk and to find peace and comfort.  We just had this conversation on her porch because it was her birthday and she had friends over.  She started crying again as she was talking a little about what was going on, and said she wants us to come back later this week.  She said she really doesn't want to lose touch with us.  So we're excited to meet with her again this wednesday and to help her in any way that we can.  We're so excited to share the gospel with her. 
    I can't wait to meet with the other people that were contacted.  Some of them sound really really ready. 
    Also, the ward had a Halloween party which was tons of fun.  We got to be the costume judges for the primary children.  Never again.  I wanted to give them all prizes because they were so cute.  If it was for the whole ward though, the prize would have gone to Brother and Sister Mazzola, because they came as He-Man and Skeletor.  It was so fun.  My companion and I put on a white shirt and tie with our skirts.  Just wanted to see what it was like to wear a tie for an evening.
     I am loving today because first of all it's pday and they rule, and we went on an awesome hike today, and we played games with our favorite less active member who will be coming back to church soon, and then at six we get to stay inside the rest of the night!  All day pday!  The woman who always feeds us on Mondays is still giving us dinner tonight, but she's getting a surgery tomorrow so she won't be able to eat with us. 
     Anyway, that's all from me this week.  Next week I'll have lots and lots of stories to tell, so be excited. 
    Love you all!

     -Sister Stacey

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