Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17, 2011 HOLA!

So this week was lame and then awesome!
We didn't end up teaching the homeless man last week, which we were relieved about.  He was only 'interested' so that the kind man in our ward (Brother Hunt) that took him in would keep feeding him and letting him use his tv. Bro. Hunt's daughter was visiting him this weekend and told the guy that he needed to leave because he was taking advantage of Brother Hunt.  Not nice!  So yeah they told us not to come teach him.
On Tuesday we had our first real lesson with Ilene and she really believes the story of Joseph Smith.  And we asked her to read the Book of Mormon and she wants to.  We told her to pray about it to know if it's true and she said she will.  Then I asked her if she got the confirmation that it is true and that the Lord was leading her to our church if she would join and she said she'd probably have to work on that one. SO STRANGE.  If it's true, and this is the Lord's church, why wouldn't you follow the prompting of His spirit and join?  I guess some people are just a little more stubborn.  But she didn't say no, which was great!  I think she's very open and we'll see what happens after we teach her the plan of salvation this week.
On Thursday we met with Janice, one of the families I think I've mentioned before.  We were hoping to get the lessons going, but as soon as we brought up the Book of Mormon she said the Bible is perfect, she's never felt like it was missing anything, to beware of false churches, no thank you.  We even explained that the Bible supports the Book of Mormon and the Book of Mormon supports the Bible, but she wouldn't hear it.  But she was still nice about it.  Maybe some day she'll be more open.  She wants to come and use the family history center here, so we'll meet with her and kind of show her how to do that.  
Saturday was AWESOME.  There is a less active man that has given us a couple referrals and we met one of them Saturday night.  Her name is Jackie.  She's a very delightful woman who has a thirst for knowledge.  She brought up religion and started asking about our church within two minutes and said she's always wanted to find out what latter day saints believe but never had the chance to sit down and talk with one.  Then she went on to say that she loves the bible, but feels like it's missing stuff.  So she is always looking for the 'missing pieces'.  When we gave her a Book of Mormon she opened it up right there and started reading.  She invited us to come back on Wednesday.  She said she loved having us there because we were able to answer a lot of the questions that she had.  YEY
And then yesterday we had dinner at our ward mission leader's house and he and his wife made pumpkin shaped sugar cookies for us to frost.  It made me feel a little more at home, to do something I would do at home.  If that makes sense.  But it was fun.  They let us borrow a couple Halloween decorations and so now our house is a little less boring. 
This was a great week.  This has been so much fun being able to serve the Lord and meet new people.  I have gained a testimony of the Savior's love for everyone.  I can feel it every single time I talk with someone.  And I love them too, because the Savior loves them. 
Well that's it for today!  Have a lovely week!
-Sister Stacey
Thank you for the letters!  I love love love getting mail.  I FINALLY heard from Mandy and Lindsey, so now I don't feel like people are missing.  I have not gotten your package yet. :(  I sent you a couple letters last week too, but I suppose you have not gotten them yet.
My heard broke as I read about Rocky.  I'm thankful that you didn't wait to have him put to sleep.  And I'm glad that he had a good life with us.  I'm just sad that I don't even have pictures of him.  I'll have to get some from Kevin.  That's all I can say or else I'll start weeping.
We left a message for a semi less-active family we havent seen in a while.

They are obsessed with Disneyland, so the message has been written on Mickey mouse shaped
paint chips we got from home depot. 

Decorating sugar cookies at the ward mission leader's home.

I love you!  Have a fantastic week!  Brother Sinclair, my ward mission leader, might email you some pictures.  :)

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