Monday, April 2, 2012

I Love Upland! 4/02/2012

Hello Family!!
Well this last week had some big changes and whatnot, so here is the news:  I got transferred to Upland-the exact same place I came for transfers just a couple weeks ago!  I love it down here!  It's warmer, greener, less windy, and less dry.  I still haven't entirely met the ward yet, since yesterday was general conference and all.  I look forward to doing that next week.  But I met our ward mission leader, who seems to be very good at his calling and he is a very sweet man.  We had dinner with him and his wife after conference on saturday.  I really like them!  I also met our bishop between sessions on sunday, and I really like him as well.  And I've enjoyed meeting some of the families at dinner.  This is a great ward! I am very excited to be serving here. 
Being that I have now only been here for six days, unfortunately I don't have much to talk about.  We have had lessons with a couple investigators, who seem to be progressing very slowly.  We want to help them more.  One of them took us to dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  :)  There are so many more places down here to go to.  But she is really great!  Her name is Kim and she actually doesn't live in our area.  She doesn't live in the mission at all.  We get to go to the Arcadia mission boundaries once a week to teach her.  (both mission presidents are aware of the situation)  She was very attached to the sister who was here just before me, but she still seems excited to learn, so that's good!
We had a cool miracle at pepboys the other day.  We had to get our oil changed and tires rotated.  We went in the little waiting area and everyone who was in there one by one got up and left (they seemed to be uncomfortable around us).  A few people would poke their heads in, see us, and turn around.  Lame!  But this woman came in with her two year old daughter and actually stayed in the room!  Cool miracle, right?  HA just kidding it gets better.  She saw our nametags and asked what they said.  We started talking to her about the church and stuff and about how we have a prophet and that Christ's church has been restored and she seemed really interested in that.  We gave her a resoration pamphlet and asked her if she wanted a Book of Mormon, and she said yes, so we gave her one and talked to her about it and talked more about Joseph Smith.  She started reading right then.  She seems really open and interested.  Unfortunately she lives in Ontario, close to Chino, but thank goodness there are missionaries everywhere, right?  So that made us very happy to be able to get a Book of Mormon to her. 
And other than that, the week has been great!  I LOVED conference!  There were so many great messages there and so many that I needed to hear!  It's amazing how much we get out of conference if  we go with questions we want answered.  I love conference as a missionary.  I am getting so much out of it because I'm finally learning to really listen to what they say.  I am so thankful that we have a prophet to guide us and keep us on the right track.  It's so cool that we get to hear from him and from the apostles every six months.  We're so blessed! 
Anyway, that's about all from me this week.  Sorry it's so short!  But I love you all and I'll talk to you next week! 
-Sister Stacey
PS MOM-thanks for your email this week.  Sounds like you had a really busy weekend.  How fun that you got to be in Fish Lake!  Tell dad also hello and that I love him and I really am going to write him a letter hopefully today.  And with the letters that you write me.  I read them, then forward them to my other email.  When I get home I'm going to print them all.  I'd just keep them here in my myldsmail account, but apparently they deactivate it after a few days, which is pretty lame.  So I'm just playing it safe.  Do you print all of our emails?  Anyway, love you!  Thanks for the package!  Fun Easter times.  :)  Love you!  Bye.

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