Monday, April 16, 2012

A Wet Week 4/16/2012

Dear Family,

Hello!  This was a great week!  It was also a very wet week.  It POURED all of Friday.  There were rivers in some of the streets.  But I love rain, so I was excited for it.  I would have been fun to go tracting in it, but as it was we got to stay warm and dry while we helped a recent convert in this area clean her house.  So that was also fun. 

Something UNfun is that I had to try thousands of different computers today because ALL. OF. THEM. had that durned compatibility view whatever enabled.  SO ANNOYING.  But THIS computer works, so yey!  I got to read my emails today!  Sounds like you had a wet week too. 

Well this last week we were able to see a family from our list of potential investigators.  We saw the mom and one of her sons.  They might not be interested in converting...yet.  But she seems really eager to learn about what we believe, so I think that could go somewhere.  They have a really close family, so I think she'll enjoy how much the gospel of Jesus Christ emphasizes families.  Anyway, we'll see the Harvey’s again this week and hopefully more of the family will be there and also hopefully they'll have read a little of the Book of Mormon. 
 We had dinner with Kim this week.  She took us to The Melting Pot.  It was so fun!  I really like Kim.  Earlier we had talked to her about where she is in terms of her progress in the gospel.  She says she finally feels like she is ready to be baptized.  That was exciting for us to hear.  The only thing holding her back at this point is her husband.  She really wishes he would learn with her and be excited about this with and it breaks her heart that he's not.  So that was earlier in the week that we had that conversation with her.  Then a couple days ago is when we had dinner with her and he was there too!  That was good, and then yesterday at church Kim said she invited him to come and he said he would come with her next week.  She also asked him if he would like to take the lessons with her from us and he said he would!  It's also a little more involved than that, but unfortunately I only have so much time to be on a computer, so some of the details will have to be left out.  But the moral of the story is that he's interested, and we get to start teaching him as well.  We're so excited about that and what it will mean to Kim.  Side-story:  on the way to dinner, we were on the freeway and we were going through an underpass with a rather blind corner, and we saw the three cars ahead of us suddenly pull over.  There was a man who got off his motorcycle and was running to what looked like a blanket that had blown off his motorcycle or something.  At least that's what we thought until we got a little closer and saw that it was a person!  We were just a couple seconds away from seeing him actually fall off (I'm glad we didn't).  So we called the ambulance and I think the man is fine.  He was wearing thick jeans and leather and he had on his helmet.  But it was scary!  We waited until the ambulance came and then we left, but when we left he was conscious, so that was a good thing.  I'm thankful that all the drivers behind him were alert, because he was in the middle of the three busy highway lanes.  That could have been awful.  But it wasn't.  Don't worry. 

That's about it for this week.  Things are slowly picking up in this area, and I'm excited to see what happens with some of the people that we are working with.  I love being a missionary and doing missionary work!  I can't believe I'm almost halfway through with my mission!  Time goes by so fast!  Anyway, I'll talk to all of you next week.

Have fun!  BYE!  Love you!

-Sister Stacey

PS MOM- I can't take credit for the bunny.  I had seen it a couple years ago.  I wish I was that creative.  And also I got you letter from last week.  Thanks a ton for that!  And it's cool that you saw Elder Ballard last week and he's coming here to my mission this week.  I'm excited for that.  Anyway, times almost up, so I have to go.  Bye!  Love you!  OH YEAH my roommates were wondering if you and dad have talked to Elder Archuletta. 

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