Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter 4/09/2012

Hello, everyone!
Happy Easter (yesterday)!
(")(")   (sleeping easter bunny...he had a long day!)
I'd say I'm glad to hear that everyone's Easter was grand, but unfortunately the computer I'm using has enabled Internet Explorer Compatibility View, and apparently MyLDSMail Mail works best if this is turned off.  I can learn how to do this by clicking on a link, but it was a bunch of computery sounding stuff that I just don't understand.  But the result of this is that I can't read any of my emails, except the one that dad sent because it was an attachment.  I have not had this problem before, and I don't think that it is likely to happen again, so you don't need to start sending everything as attachments.  But it is a little frustrating on today, which is a pday, meaning I CAN read my emails, but now CAN'T because of the lameness of the settings on this computer.  But according to dad, Easter at the MTC was pretty awesome.  Elder Packer (of the 70-President Packer's son) came to our mission during my first transfer and we had a mission wide conference with him.  It was pretty cool.  AND NOW next week we will have Elder Ballard coming to speak to us.  So excited!!
It was a rather slow week here.  We had lessons with Linda (a less active woman), the Butchers (less active woman plus non-member son) and Kim (investigator).  All of whom were at church on Sunday.  YEY!  I'm really excited about Kelene and Brock (the Butchers).  She has been less active for a long time, it sounds like, but she really wants to start coming back to church.  And her son, who is 13, wants to get baptized!  But he seems a little scared to start coming to church and stuff.  He's a good kid, though and we're excited about this.  Kelene's husband is not a member either.  So we'll see if we can start teaching him too!
Easter was so fun.  We went to church (obviously) and then afterward went over to Kim's house and made dinner and colored easter eggs.  Can we talk about how strange it is that we celebrate easter with colored eggs delivered to us by a bunny?  Bunnies don't even lay eggs!   Also, another strange thing is putting pepper with strawberries.  Don't try this.  It isn't good.  But Kim had a recipe that asked for it and it was intriguing so we tried it out and let the garbage disposer enjoy them.  Black pepper was not meant to be put on strawberries. 
Meeting the ward yesterday was so fun.  This is a great ward!  ALSO here's the crazy thing about it:  There is a couple in the ward with the last name of Landmeier, who happen to be Callie's (cousin Bill's wife) parents.  Small world!  And I guess I was at their house when I was a young child, and they've also been to ours.  They said they were going to call Bill and tell him about it.  I remember mom mentioning in a letter one time that her parents lived here.  It's so cool that I get to serve in their ward!  We'll be having dinner with them sometime this week. 
I wish I could have read about how everyone's Easter was, but I couldn't.  I hope they were all as spiritual as mine was.  I love Easter and Christmas because of their focus on Christ.  I love learning about Him and strengthening my testimony of Him.  He's done so much for us!  And how wonderful to know that He lives!  That knowledge and the knowledge of what the Atonement can do for us brings so much peace and hope for the future. 
I hope you all have a great week!  Love you!
-Sister Stacey

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