Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nicer Apartment 10/29/2012

Dear Family,

How's things?  It sounds like it's pretty interesting weather for Michelle and Richard.  I haven't heard too much about the storm except for the occasional mention of it and from reading mom's and Michelle's emails.  You and your families will be in my prayers and I hope you all stay safe and protected. :)

Last week we had a fun time moving apartments.  It's a nicer apartment, mostly due to the lack of mold (our last apartment was covered in it.  At least my bathroom was) But we're all moved in now and I'll try to get pictures next week.

We had a lesson with Manny and his wife last week as well.  I THINK she understands english, but he was translating everything anyway.  We asked if she would like the spanish elders to come instead, but she wants to go to church where her kids would be going to church, and they'll go to the english ward.  We taught her the doctrine of Christ.  She believes in Him, but doesn't know too much about Him.  We started talking about the spirit and how she was feeling during the lesson.  She was definitely feeling the spirit and so we invited her to be baptized and she said yes!  But is unsure of a date :(.  She works every Sunday, so it's going to be interesting to see what happens with that and whatnot.  But she definitely wants to be baptized.  When we started talking about enduring to the end, she said she would never fall away.  I hope she's able to come to church and pick a date soon!

We also visited a less active woman in the ward.  She has four kids, the two oldest is a girl who is 20 and a boy who is 18.  They both are at BYU right now and when the age changed for missions, they both decided to go.  She is so proud of their decisions and it's really gotten her thinking.  We had a great conversation with her and helped her to know how much Heavenly Father loves her even though she thinks she's not a good person.  She hasn't been to church in YEARS but she came this last sunday. :)  It was so good to see her.

We got SEVEN media referrals last week, which was cool.  We had to give about half of them to the spanish elders, but that's okay.  They need people to teach too.  We just got another one about 20 minutes ago, too.  They have been pouring in lately!  We also got a referral from our bishop last night for a less active/part member family who has two children who aren't baptized and they decided it's time for them to be baptized, so we'll be having a lesson with them this week.  It's so fun to teach people who want to learn.  If that makes sense.

The ward's primary program was yesterday and it was fun to see Chris excited and participating.  The Carrillo family is still doing great. 

Well I hope all of you have a great week!  Happy Halloween!
-Sister Stacey

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  1. We had a fun Halloween! Thanks for thinking and praying for our families Megan. We were INCREDIBLY fortunate and blessed to have our home and car and everything and everyone OK. I am so happy to have my loving family with me for eternity (If they'll keep psycho mom!) and am happy to have the Gospel and to go to church with such kind and generous people. Disciples of Christ are amazing! Love you Megan!!!