Monday, October 22, 2012

Ups and Downs As Usual 10/22/2012

Dear Family,
Hello!  How was every one's week?  Ours had its ups and downs as usual. 
First, I'll talk about Cheli, because I think I mentioned her last week.  She did come to the relief society activity that we had.  It was about being healthy and taking care of ourselves.  It was good.  For people who are members of the church.  Somehow the topic started getting into some deeper doctrine that really confused her.  She walked out of it feeling uplifted, though, and was excited to have a lesson with us.  The next morning she told us she was going to call and set up an appointment, but didn't and instead went on a hike, where she started thinking about Revelation 22:18-19 (classic) and told us she was very unsure of the Book of Mormon and didn't want to learn anymore.  :(  We were very sad.  She wants to go on a hike with us, though, so we will do that sometime and hopefully be able to talk to her more about the Book of Mormon.  Hopefully she'll be able to open up to it one day.  She's one of those people that you know are super prepared but for some reason have that one thing that is holding them back that's going to be really hard to overcome.  We won't give up on her.
We also had an appointment set up for us by some elders who were tracting in our area.  It was a woman named Crystal and she is married and has five children.  She seemed excited and open, according to the elders.   We never actually got to meet with her.  We got to her house and her husband opened the door and told us we were not welcome there.  We explained that Crystal wanted us to meet with her and he was like, 'I'm sure she does, but I don't.'  Lame!  We talked to him a little bit and I think his heart softened just a little because he took one of our cards and said he'd look at mormon.orgbecause 'maybe it was time for some intervention in his life.'  But I still don't think he wants us over there.  Maybe sometime we'll be driving by and Crystal will just be outside and we'll be able to talk to her.
The last thing is that there was another day this week that was at least 100 degrees. 
But then there were also cooler days, and today is a cool day, and it's finally starting to feel like autumn.  Now that October is practically over. 
And for the ups, CHRIS GOT BAPTIZED!! :D  His parents were so happy.  That family is changing, definitely.  Brother Carrillo especially.  And he just got a job with the post office, so he'll be able to have every Sunday off, which is awesome!  I love baptisms.  The spirit is always so strong.  Chris is such a good kid.  I'm so thankful I got to be a part of helping him and his family come closer to the Lord.  We're not done, though!  We're still working with them to hopefully help them get to the temple and be sealed!
We also set up an appointment with a part member family in the ward.  The husband is a member and his wife has been expressing interest in going to church and being baptized.  YEY!  She understands English, but mostly only speaks Spanish, so it will be interesting.  We also are going to start teaching a recent converts daughter.  He joined the church a year ago.  She's 11 and he said that she's ready to take the lessons and join.  We just have to wait for her mom (they're divorced) to give the okay.  Hopefully that will happen soon! 
We also had a good lesson with Danny where we learned a lot of his concerns.  Concerns that he didn't even know he had.  For a while he's been saying that he hasn't really felt anything, but then when we met with him and he was thinking about it, he said maybe he has been feeling something, but he's scared to really figure that out because he's not ready to be committed yet.  It scares him.  It was really good for him to admit that, though.  At the end of the conversation, he said he really just needs to come to church sometime and see what it's like.  Agreed!  We thought he would be there yesterday, but he wasn't. 
Anyway, we had transfer calls yesterday morning, and we are both staying here for another transfer!  I'm excited about that because there is a lot of good things happening here. 
I mentioned also that Elder Grow did a mission tour here.  He talked to us about doing finding through less actives and that if we did that and focused on them, then he promised us that we would have more people to baptize.  That was pretty cool.  And weird.  My whole mission we've been discouraged from visiting too many less-active members, and now that's a major focus.  I'm excited for it. 
Well that's about all from me for this week!  Hope everyone enjoys whatever it is you will be doing!  Love you all!

-Sister Stacey

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