Monday, January 14, 2013

Finishing My Mission in Big Bear 1/14/2013

Dear Family,

Hello!  I'm sure you're all wondering what happened with transfers, so here's the news:

I'm still in Big Bear.
Sister Davis is still my companion. 

I am pretty excited about this.  I'm glad I'm finishing my mission here and that I'm still with an awesome companion.  I'm glad I don't have to wonder any more about where I could potentially end up or who I'm going to work with.  Also, that leads me to my next item of interest.  Since I know I won't be going anywhere after this except home, here is my address up here so that we can all communicate oh so much faster.

Sister Stacey
P.O. Box #84
Big Bear City, CA 92314

So that's the big news.  Which all the rest of my news isn't really all that exciting, unfortunately. 

Tuesday we had an awesome zone conference and set some pretty good zone goals.  We really wanted to help with them.  But Sister Davis was still sick, and I was getting more sick.  I decided to call the mission nurse and tell her what was going on.  I had no body pains, no headache, no nausea, no sore throat, no runny nose, no ear ache, but oh man my tonsils were in a LOT of pain (and they were starting to get some weird white spots).  I didn't get too much sleep for about three nights in a row because I would wake up every time I swallowed.  So we ended up calling a doctor who actually works in Orem, Dad.  Dr. Peterson.  He works on 800 north I think?  I think it's over near where Dr. Morgan is.  And he prescribed something for me that helped. :)  Two days later I felt all better.  During that time I also developed a cough, which still lingers, but I feel much much better. 

So with Sister Davis still getting over being sick, and me being sick, we didn't get out as much as we would have liked.  Saturday was the first day we were feeling really good, so we worked really hard that day.  We taught Kevin one of the recent convert lessons.  He is so awesome.  He's such a good example of how when you've received a witness from the Holy Ghost that the gospel is true, you will do all you can to change and become the person God wants you to be.  He has so much faith and is so excited about the church.  He is in so much awe of how the organization of the church takes care of everything.  He's getting the priesthood soon, so he's pretty excited.  As we were leaving his place, we noticed that the park near his house (I say park, but it's just a small snowy spot by the lake) was swarming with people.  We recognized that as an awesome opportunity to go talk to lots of people, even though none of them are from here.  The population of Big Bear practically triples over the weekend with people wanting to come and be around snow for a couple days.  I wanted to get on a soap box and started teaching about the gospel like they do in the Restoration movie.  We didn't, but we still talked to lots of people.  It's interesting how intimidating things like that, and somewhat fruitless, you feel super energized after. I love tracting because I'm showing the Lord that I have enough faith to find on my own and that He'll bless us, and He does.  I've only ever really met a small handful of people who were genuinely interested in the gospel from tracting, but in the meantime the Lord blessed us to receive a referral or they came about in other ways.  That's how it is with life sometimes.  We are doing something that we know we should do, even if we don't see the immediate benefit from it, but the Lord blesses us in other ways that are so great. 

So the ward council up here has a goal to read Preach My Gospel by the end of April.  They also had that goal last year and didn't do it.  We decided to help them out and create a schedule to be able to read all of it in that amount of time and thought of a way to institute a good way to follow up.  It was just to read one chapter a week and then if we learned anything or had an experience that related to what we read, then we'd share it in ward council.  Things like that usually motivate people and get them excited to do more.  Preach My Gospel is such an amazing book!  I'm going to be studying from it my whole life.  But they all got kind of angry at it and said that there's no way everyone is going to read it by the end of April.  We thought that was weird because it was their goal in the first place. Our ward mission leader was sad because he thought it was a good idea.  It was a weird ward council.  Oh well. :)

Last night we got to bed a little later than we had hoped.  I was in our study putting a couple things away and a mouse ran under our dresser.  It was a cute little mouse, but it was a cute little mouse that was actually gross.  Also that it was inside, a place where it doesn't belong.  We set up a barricade around the dresser and got a box to trap it under.  Then we got a stick to get it out from under the dresser.  It was FAST.  We tried a couple times and did not succeed.  Then upon another attempt, it started hiding under a flap on one of the boxes in our barricade.  That gave it enough time to figure out an escape plan.  It noticed, I'm sure, that one end of the skateboard we were using, rounded down and wasn't as high.  It sprinted and leaped a mighty leap and completely cleared the skateboard (a mere inch from my hand) and disappeared somewhere in the room.  We know it's still in there.  We have an idea of how we're going to catch it.  BUT we didn't have time to do it this morning.  We COULD buy mousetraps, but we want to try this first.  So gross.  Still gives me the heeby jeebies to think about it.  I don't like mice in the house, it turns out. 

Also, on that note, we didn't find any more bed bugs THANK GOODNESS.  And besides all that, a lot of people were not home or were too busy to meet with us. :(  We did finally meet up with a woman who had her records removed from the church a few years back, and now wants to be baptized and be a part of the church again, so that was exciting.  It will be on Feb. 2.  She has a daughter who isn't a member, and will maybe start sitting in on the lessons (Bishop wanted us to teach her the missionary lessons before she gets rebaptized.)  She is really sweet and initially had her records removed because her circumstances were not letting her go to church for many years and she felt bad.  But now she realizes that she misses all of that and is very excited to be able to go back to the temple.  :)

Well, I hope that you all have a fantastic week!  Ours will be!  Love you all!

Love, Sister Stacey

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