Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Working on Finding 2/4/2013

Well, not too much to update on this week.  It was rather slow.  Not to mention that I just emailed about four days ago it feels like.  I wish more had happened, but more has not happened. 
We're going to be doing a lot of finding this week.  We've kind of stepped back from Blake and Andy because it's been very hard to get ahold of them.  Our ward mission leader wants to be heavily involved in their teaching and he is busy a lot of the time, then when he's not busy, they're busy.  We really want to find a lot of people to teach, though. 
Donna was not able to be baptized this last week, unfortunately.  She got ill and was unable to get all the necessary things done before her baptism.  So it will either be this weekend or next weekend. 
Also, it has not been wintery at all, so the fact that Punxsutawney Phil says that Spring is coming, does not surprise me.  IT has been in the 50s just about every day.  All the snow is melting.  But I just heard that we're supposed to have a little bit more snow this weekend.   
Well, what's new with everyone else?  I heard that Matt and Felicia are now parents.  So exciting!  I also heard that some of you went to Disneyland and forgot to invite me.  You know who you are.  I hope you at least thought of me while you were driving past San Bernardino county. 
As I was reading Jesus the Christ this week, I just read the chapters about the Atonement.  It is unfathomable to me, the things that He went through.  It made me realize even more how much the Savior loves us.  He was perfectly obedient to our Heavenly Father.  He was obedient even when it seemed impossibly difficult.  He set a perfect example for us.  It really hit me that He is the only one who knows what it feels like to completely and utterly alone.  He is always there for us even if we don't recognize it.  I am so thankful for Jesus Christ and for His sacrifice.  And I am especially thankful to know that I am in His church. 
I think I'll end this email here.  One more email left.  I know I'm almost done, but it doesn't feel like it.  It probably won't hit me for a while. 
I love you all!  Have a great week!
Love, Sister Stacey

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