Monday, December 26, 2011

Hello Everyone 12/19/11

     I can't believe it's almost Christmas!  Time is going by so fast!  And there's so much to do.  I didn't think I would have that much to do, seeing as how I'm a missionary and all.  But I do.  So unfortunately I don't have that much time today. 
     Last week was sisters exchanges again.  Those seem to come by so fast.  I was with Sister Bowen in the Parkview ward (still up in the desert. I still have yet to do any sort of missionary work down the hill) On Monday we saw someone she thought was less active, but it turns out that she's not.  She has been faithfully attending church ever since she got baptized about 30 years ago I think.  I've come to really appreciate that.  It's rare that we meet with someone who has never been less active.  There have only been a few.  But it was really neat to listen to her share her testimony.  The next day I helped her move to a new house.  The member they moved in with wouldn't let us do anything until we'd unpacked.  So that was pretty much our whole Tuesday.  By the end of the day we were like, we need to go do at least a little bit of missionary work, so we visited an inactive woman named Latoya.  Her situation was so sad.  She can't afford any sort of decoration or anything for Christmas and she has a two year old son.  We have a few extra Christmas trees at our house so we're going to give her one.  We were very happy we were able to see her that night.  On Wednesday we switched back to our companions and went back to life as usual.   
     The rest of the week, Sister Rimington and I were able to see quite a few less active members, which was great since we've had a bit of a hard time seeing them lately.  I love meeting with them and working with them, especially right now because they're a little more willing to come to church and stuff.  We've been sharing a fun little Christmas message with them.  I will share that before the end of the letter.  So lots of less active members.  Cool.
     We also saw Adriana again.  We didn't end up sharing the lesson we'd planned on, but what we did share was what she needed.  I don't think I've ever felt the Spirit so strong in a lesson.  I hope she continued to ponder the things we shared with her and will have the courage to act.  I really like our lessons with her because she always asks us a good question that makes me learn something new.
      So that was basically our week.  One of our investigators came to church for the first time yesterday which ruled.  I couldn't tell how she felt or anything, she wouldn't really talk to us after and she went home after sacrament meeting.  So we're excited to meet with her this week and see how she liked it and how she felt.  We were very surprised to see her at church because we hadn't seen her in a couple weeks. 
    Rebeca is still awesome.  She is already so active in the ward.  It's cool to see.  She already has such a strong testimony and she retains everything we've taught her and the things she's read.  It's a good example for me.
     Anyway, that's basically it.  The Christmas message we've been sharing comes from a children’s book called 'I Believe in Santa Claus".   I have the text for it somewhere, but not with me, so I'll do my best to remember it.
Think of Santa Claus-what is he like?  He wears red.  His hair is white.  He comes in the night.  He loves little children.  He wants us to be good.  He brings gifts. 
Now think of the Savior-what is he like?  He wears red. His hair is white.  He comes in the night.  He loves little children.  He knows we are good.  He brings gifts.  (oh dear these all have scripture references and I can't remember them.  I'll find them and share them next week or something.)  So I think it's pretty cool that we can look at all these things during Christmas time and be reminded of the Savior and of the true meaning of Christmas-even Santa Claus.  I completely butchered that, by the way.  The book had pictures and other things that I just can't put in an email unfortunately.  I wish I could remember more.  It had a bunch of other things that we see during Christmas time that are symbols for something more.  The book is now out of print, but if you know anyone that has this book, I definitely think you should take a look at it.  I think I'll be saying I Believe in Santa Claus for the rest of my life. 
     Love you all!  Merry Christmas!
-Sister Stacey

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