Monday, December 26, 2011

Day After Christmas Email 12/26/11

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas!  Mine was great!  We filled our day visiting some of our favorite families in the ward.  We had SOOOOO much food but it was good.  We were stuffed at the end of the day, which is how it should be.  It's been so fun being a missionary during Christmas, and I'm looking forward to doing it again next year.  And skyping with the family was the best ever!  I hope I'm able to do that again for mother's day. 
Lots and lots of people were very busy last week, so we had a bit of a slow week in terms of missionary work.  We tried to fill our time with lessons, but we weren't able to do that.  We did get to have an awesome lesson with Adriana and it was great to see her finally open up to us.  We hope that she finds the answers that she's searching for soon, so she can be baptized.  We also were able to have a lesson with Rebeca.  We planned a very specific lesson for her to encourage her to move her baptism date up, but she still feels like it should be in May.  We don't understand why she wants to wait or why the Lord would tell her to wait, but we'll support her no matter what because she is making the right choice to be baptized.  I suppose that it will force whoever is teaching her at the time to get creative with their lessons, because we're almost done with the missionary lessons.  That will be fun.  Speaking of fun, transfers are coming up on January 3.  Sister Rimington and I think she'll be leaving.  We'll see what happens.  Change is good with missionary work because new ideas will help the different areas progress.  It's good to keep having different perspectives.  I hope that a change will help this area to progress more. 
Anyway, that's all I really have time for today.  Love you all!  Have a grand New Year!  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK TO EMILY AND JANELLE!!  LOVE YOU BOTH!
The Christmas tree in our apartment.

It snowed!
Then melted two hours later.

We're 'biking' sisters!!
(Dream on.)

One of many wonderful Christmas day meals.
The members are so good to missionaries:)
-Sister Stacey

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