Dear Family,
But first, Dear Matt,
Mom informed me that you know whether or not you are going to be the father of a boy or girl.  She also said she thought you would email and tell us today.  And I have recieved no email informing me of such news.  I am dismayed that I will have to wait yet another week in anticipation of the news.  Even though I already know it's a girl. Please respond quickly.  That is all. :)
Okay, now to my week.  We had a pretty good week here.  It was the last week of the transfer, which usually seems to drag, but this one went by fairly quickly.  I already mentioned last week about going to the temple on Wednesday, so I won't talk about that again.  I actually guess there is not much to update on, since it's only been a few days since I last wrote.  We've been trying to get in touch with a lot of potential investigators this last weekend.  Some of them are near impossible to get ahold of.  Others we've been sad to hear that they are not interested anymore.  Some of them say call back tomorrow.  We ask members at every dinner if they know of anyone that we could teach, and a lot of them lately have been talking to people that seem interested in learning more, but they don't get the person's information.  So we've been trying really hard, without much success, of looking for more people to teach.  Nevertheless, Heavenly Father blessed us.  A couple by the name of Dan and Anna showed up at one of the spanish wards yesterday.  Anna speaks spanish, but Dan only speaks english, so they wanted to go to an english church.  The elders pointed them in our direction, and they actually came!  They showed up at the end of sunday school and then stayed for priesthood/relief society meetings.  Anna enjoyed it a lot. We weren't able to talk to Dan after, but they gave us their address and phone number and would like us to come visit them.  It's interesting how Heavenly Father works, sometimes.  We're working hard to find people and not having much success from those efforts, but we're trying.  Heavenly Father blesses us in other ways.  I don't think we've started teaching anyone from our own finding efforts this transfer, actually.  So it's a great blessing that Heavenly Father has led these people who are prepared to us. 
We had a lesson with Sister Kagle again.  It was really good.  We talked to her about the temple and about making it a goal to get there.  She's been reading more and praying more and she's really started feeling the spirit more in her life.  She still works every sunday, unfortunately, but she's looking for a way to be able to get at least one of them off. 
There will be another baptism this weekend of a boy named Anakin.  His record got lost and could not be recreated, so technically that makes it a convert baptism.  All the ordinances have to be performed over again, so we've been teaching him and his family.  They're a really cute family and it's been fun getting to know them better. 
Anyway, I think that's about all the new stuff for this week.  This is the start of transfer 10 for me.  I can hardly believe that I've been out for 10 transfers.  Time just flies.  Actually, since today is the 10th that means I've now been out for 13 months. 
OH YEAH they did not add another set of missionaries to this ward yet, so we're still covering both sides.  That made us happy, because there are people we're teaching on the east side and the west side that we love and didn't want to say goodbye to yet. 
I hope you all have a great week!  I hope to hear from you soon, Matt!  Love you all!
-Sister Stacey