Monday, September 24, 2012

First Day of Autumn? - Not in Fontana 9/24/2012

Dear Family,

Shorterish email today because we hare having sisters exchanges.  And the activity is starting soonish.  So I will write as much as I can in this short amount of time that I have, which is about 20 minutesish.  Okay.

Well on Monday, when we were SUPPOSED to meet with the Carrillo family (Chris's family) their car broke down and they were stuck somewhere that wasn't at the appointment.  So we didn't teach them.  And had a very hard time getting in touch with them the rest of the week.  And they had mentioned that Bro. Carrillo, who was the one that would be baptizing Chris that he might be working the night of the baptism, so they weren't sure if they were going to be able to do it or not.  And then we didn't hear back from them.  We did all we could, and finally on Friday we saw Chris long enough to realize that the baptism wasn't going to be happening last weekend.  :(  BUT that's okay because we saw them again last night and they have been having some really awesome testimony building experiences lately and they definitely still want Chris to be baptized and they asked us not to give up on them.  We won't!  For sure!  But they finally paid a full tithe last week, and they had tremendous blessings poured down on them.  The next day, they made the amount that they had paid, and Bro. Carrillo got a new job.  So cool!  The Lord really does pour out blessings on those who pay their full tithing.  They will always have what they need.  They're a great family and are still trying to be completely active in the church.  They're just having a few bumps in the road along the way.  Sister Mills is staying in the area tonight so they'll set a new baptism date for Chris.  So I'll let you know when that happens. 

We also saw the Kagles.  First was Danny.  We FINALLY taught him the Restoration.  He actually got a lot from it, and was a lot less skeptical about things than I thought.  He found out we actually agree about many things in regards to religion.  I think his biggest hold up is gaining a testimony that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and from that also that Joseph Smith was His prophet and he truly restored Christ's church.  That witness that the Book of Mormon is true is SO IMPORTANT! I hope he is able to feel something while he reads soon.  He's opening up to the idea that there is only one church that Christ set up and is the head of all the time.  So we'll see what happens.  We also saw his mom, Sister Kagle.  She is doing so good!  She's been reading more and praying more and being more proactive about getting a Sunday off now and then so that she can go to church.  And she's learning a lot.  We read a talk with her about the grace of Christ.  It's by Brad Wilcox called His Grace is Sufficient.  Everyone should read this talk!  It's so good.  

Angela is still doing well in the gospel.  A little less will in the body.  She's had some health problems and health scares come up recently, so hopefully she'll be able to get those figured out and taken care of soon.

By the way, we're giving talks in this ward (again) on the 21st of October.  The topic is service, so I would like people to send me stories about service.  Or people who are good examples of service.  Or whatever. 

It's still incredibly hot here.  I hope everyone enjoyed Saturday when it officially became Autumn.  I'll let you know when Fontana's first day of Autumn is.

Have a great week, everyone!  Love you all!

-Sister Stacey

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