Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Highlights August 29, 2012

Hello, family! 

How was everyone's week this week?  Sounds like a lot of things are changing or coming up soon.  Good times, good times.  Well, it is Wednesday.  Long unnecessary story short, we were not able to write on Monday, so we're writing today.  Also, next week being that it is a holiday, will also not come with an email on Monday.  But we get to go to the temple next week which would make our pday on Wednesday so you'll get to hear from me anyway. :)  Just FYI.

Well here are some of the highlights from the last week and a half.
-As I mentioned last week, we're WAY low on miles which is okay.  We've just been doing a little more walking to and from the library and talking to anyone that comes in our path.  We have met a lot of very interesting people.  Some of them were lost members, which was cool to point them in the right direction again.  Some of them were interested, but hispanic so we gave the referrals to the spanish missionaries.  We met one family who MAY be interested.  A few homeless people-some very still there in the head and some not.  One guy named Anthony passed us on his bike while we were talking to someone and asked for directions to a store and then he left.  Then a mile up the road we saw him again and he came over to us and asked what church we're from and then said he wants to go there because we seem as committed to following Christ as he is.  So hopefully we'll see him there this Sunday.  It has actually been a very good use of time to walk to the library and we're going to continue to do that even though our miles will be reset. 
-Angela is on track for being baptized!  She is so excited and her family is very excited for her even though they're not members. But her example has been making so many people around her ask questions and want to make changes in their own lives.  She's so awesome!  And she just loves talking about the gospel with everyone.  She's being such a good missionary!  We're so excited for her to be baptized this weekend.
-We had a really good zone conference on Thursday about inviting people to be baptized no later than the second lesson, then they challenged us to double our baptism dates by the beginning of next week.  We've been working really hard to do that!  A lot of our appointments have started falling through all the sudden.  Surprise surprise.  I think someone out there does not want us to invite people to be baptized.  The few we have been able to talk to that about surprised me by how open they were at the idea.  They made it clear they weren't ready right then, but they want to be one day.  And they were more willing to do the things it will take for them to progress to that point.  So it's been very intimidating, but a very good experience. 

There are so many great things happening in this area.  The Lord is blessing us so much. 

Anyway, that's it from me for this week.  Hope all of you have a great week!  Enjoy the holiday!

-Sister Stacey

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