Monday, August 20, 2012

Crazy Week 8/13/2012

Dear Family,

WOAH what a crazy week!  And a HOT week.  Every day was 110ish.  Too hot!  Some days it was still 105 at 7pm.  Not so awesome.  SO MUCH has happened this week.  A lot of good stuff.   So I'm just going to get right into that.

-Chris Carillo.  FINALLY had a lesson with him.  We have found an arrangement where we'll be able to be consistent in teaching him.  We set up a baptism date with him for Sept. 8.  We're so excited that we were able to meet with him!  He is excited to be baptized and he enjoys learning.  The only thing that would hold him back is his family.  They are less active, as I mentioned before I think, but we're putting a lot more effort into getting them involved so that he can have the support at home and hopefully the whole family will come closer to Christ.

-On Tuesday we got a media referral for a woman named Angela and who said 'I am interested in joining the church, but I'm not really sure how to get started.  Your help would really be appreciated.'  :D  We got way excited about that.  We met with her the next day because she was busy on Tuesday.  We had a great lesson about the doctrine of Christ and invited her to be baptized on Sept. 1.  She's so excited.  She's quitting smoking and doing so well at it!  She had a priesthood blessing for help, and she has a lot of faith.  She was so prepared and ready for this.

-I shared the experience I was having last week with Danny Kagle because he is also having a hard time, and I think that was good because now he trusts us more and is more open with us.  He seems more excited to learn about this message and to build a relationship with Jesus Christ.

-I don't remember if I mentioned Kent Baptist last week or not, but we were not able to meet with him last week.  We were also going to see him again last night, but he was gone.  Sister Baptist is way excited for us to be able to teach him.  He's been going to church with her lately, and he really likes the church, especially the focus on families.  Hopefully this sunday we'll be able to see him and start teaching him more.

-On Saturday we went out tracting and met a man named Freddie who looked really excited about our message and invited us to come back and teach him more.  We're looking forward to meeting him this week.

There were many other miracles this last week and tender mercies.  It was a hard week.  Really hard week.  But we worked as hard as we could and we were definitely blessed for that.  I learned that Heavenly Father is always aware of our trials, and if we put our faith in Him and do what we can on our part, He will bless us.  Always.  

Sidenote: I hit my year mark on Friday.  I can't believe I've been out for a year!  I only have four and a half transfers left.  That's super weird to think about.  But I love being a missionary, and there are great things happening here.  I have a renewed desire to work hard and assist Heavenly Father in His work and His glory. 

I hope you all have a great week!  Love you all!

-Sister Stacey

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