Monday, July 30, 2012

Two Week Sister Missionaries 7/30/2012

Dear Family,

Hello!  How's things?  I enjoyed hearing about all the fun times you are having. 

Quick explanation for something I talked about last week:  in this mission, the youth in the stakes we cover have the opportunity to sign up to go on a mini two week mission.  They are assigned to a companionship and live with them for two weeks and do as missionaries do.  I think that it's a great experience for them because then they can see what a mission is like and they can start to prepare better for their own missions.  It's great for them, and while we did have fun, I am relieved it's over.  I mentioned this last transfer, and it's still true: trios are exhausting.  Especially if one of them is inexperienced.  They did have a great enthusiasm, though, and that was fun to see.  So that is what a two week missionary is and we had two of them. 

Anyway, this last week we had a lesson with a man named Steve Gomez.  He is someone that previous missionaries found while tracting.  He is eager to learn.  He has a lot of questions that other people he has talked to have not been able to answer for him.  Oh, he's the guy I mentioned last week that is married and has four little girls.  His wife was there and listening, but I don't think that she's as interested...we'll see.  I think she just doesn't understand (obviously) but we're meeting with them again tonight.  He's going to start school again soon, so we hope to be able to teach him a lot the next couple weeks because once he starts school he is BUSY. 

We also saw Ruth and Jennifer Casanova.  Ruth has opened up a lot.  Jennifer (her daughter) is a little negative about anything churchy, but apparently she used to be mean to missionaries.  So the fact that she sits with us and even likes us is a miracle.  While we were there Ruth's visiting teachers showed up (who had just come back from an Alaskan cruise.  I want to go to there.)  They have been faithfully visiting her for years.  I have gained such a testimony of visiting/home teaching. The less-active members who let us in and are open are the ones who are regularly visited.  It's so important!  Anyway, as we were leaving, Ruth said that she would come to church if Sister Dyckman got transferred because she wanted to see her.  We got our transfer calls Saturday night, and she is getting transferred.  :(  So she right away texted Ruth to let her know.  Sacrament meeting started and she wasn't there.  Then after the sacrament, Ruth AND Jennifer walked in.  YEY! 

As I mentioned about the transfer calls.  Sister Dyckman is leaving.  She's been in this area for 8 months, so she's ready.  Sad, but ready.  And I am staying here.  And training.  I'm nervous!  But it will be so good.  I'm excited for it.  This ward is usually split in two, but they combined it for now because we don't have enough missionaries out to do that.  I like covering both sides.  There's always something to do. 

Anyway, I hope all of you have a grand week!  I love you all!

-Sister Stacey

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