Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Super Fast Week 7/16/2012

Dearest Family,

   Hello!  How was everyone's week?  How's the weather?  For those of you in Utah I hope that it's a lot cooler. 

   Well this last week went by super fast because of exchanges.  It always does.  I mentioned that I went to Rancho Cucamonga for the exchange.  That was nice.  I found someone to spray paint my little nerf gun gold so I could have the golden gun.  Some of you understand the significance of this.  The Rancho Cucamonga zone meets at the same building the mission office is in for district meeting.  About halfway through our meeting, President Godwin came in.  I'm glad I was not the one doing the training haha.  It was really awesome to have him in there though.  I love listening to our leaders because they always say the things that you needed to hear and the things that will help you. 

   When I got back to my area we saw a less active woman named Ruth.  I don't know how long missionaries have been visiting her, but everytime they went there, she didn't even want to talk about going back to church or anything and got kind of annoyed at it.  But this last time we saw her, we read 2 Nephi 31 with her.  I love sharing that with people.  Most of the time they start opening up and sharing their concerns with us.  When we finished the chapter, she said she remembers when missionaries started coming over she realized the Holy Ghost was mostly gone from her life and that made her really sad.  She said as the missionaries have continued visiting her, she's felt it more in her life and in her home.  She actually brought up church and said that she's not ready to go back yet, but some day and maybe soon, she will.  Sister Dyckman sais that's the first time she's said something like that.  So hopefully we can help her come back soon! 

   Another thing that happened this week was that we got another two week missionary!  She is from San Bernardino this time.  She's not secretly engaged.  We already asked her.  It's been fun though. 

   We've been inviting lots of people to hear us talk.  Apparently it's a good tool to get people to come to church.  I hope that they all really come.  There's one woman who we invited named Rosemary.  She's our next door neighbor and she LOVES missionaries, but I don't think she quite understands their role.  She's a little older and also very catholic.  BUT she said that she really wants to come listen to us talk.  So she'll be there for her first time.  There are a couple less active people that have said they want to come.  Hopefully they'll be there. Good news:  They didn't talk about faith, hope, and charity on Sunday.  So no one said the things that I'll say. 

   We've been trying to get the investigator work to pick up.  As this transfer has been going on, the work has been slowing down a lot and none of the investigators are progressing.  :(  We are going to be working with ward members a lot more to help them to understand being member missionaries a little more and help them to know what they can do.  We are also going to have a forty day fast for missionary work.  I hope that we can see miracles for this.  In our efforts to find non members to teach who want to learn, we went through our area book to look at the former investigators.  There is one named Sherod who was going to get baptized last year, but didn't for some reason.  We went to go see her and I guess her mom is Catholic and doesn't like our church.  I wish people could be more open minded.  Even if they don't accept the gospel for themselves, they should allow other people to do so without becoming angry.  We'll keep trying.  Maybe we'll be able to meet her in secret.  haha

   The work is going well, even if we're not teaching as much as we would like to.  We're keeping busy and there's still plenty of potential investigators and part member families we can try.  And tracting.  As always.

   I hope you all have a great week!  Keep in touch!

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