Monday, December 3, 2012

Transfer Time 12/03/2012

Dear Family,

Hello everyone!  How's the week going?  It's only Monday, I know, but something cool may have happened!  Our last week was fantastic because it rained every day.  It's been in the 70s every day, which is pretty nice.  But also...don't make fun of me, but I've been COLD!  Utah is going to be a shock to my system!  I've very much acclimated to SoCal. 

So we got transfer calls yesterday and we are both leaving. :(  I really like this area and we have so many people to work with here.  So I'm sad to be leaving.  AND we JUST got a brand new car.  I was very excited to be driving in a car that elders have not yet chonched.  But oh well.  I broke it in at least.  It's been hard saying bye to people, especially the people I was able to start teaching and stay around long enough to see them baptized.  My hope is that I get to go to Big Bear with Sister Davis.  But I don't know if they're taking sisters out of there or not yet.  Either way, I'm pretty sure I'll be with Sister Davis.  We'll see what happens though.  I am excited to see what happens tomorrow!  Wherever it is, it will probably be my last area.  Which is weird.

Well I did a first ever this last weekend.  Upland had their annual Creche festival and as usual invited the missionaries to sing songs.  One of the sisters called me a couple weeks before to see if I wanted to sing a duet with her.  O.O  I said I would.  So intimidating!  I've never done that in front of people.  But it ended up being okay.  Don't know that I would do it again, but I faced my fears.  It was a pretty song called Christ Child, Christ Child.  Look it up. 

We wanted to see Miguel last week, but when we called his house, his mother said that he moved.  But we're not sure if she's saying that because he really did move, or if she's saying that because she doesn't like us.  (she's catholic)  So he's MIA at the moment.  Hopefully the missionaries that come here after us will be able to locate him.  I don't like both of us leaving when we were working with so many people.  I just hope that none of them get lost in the transition.  Especially Veronica.  She took the news not so well.  Hopefully she'll learn soon that all missionaries carry the same message and can help her feel the same spirit. It's not just us. 

As you may recall, we were supposed to have a couple baptisms this last weekend.  Neither of them ended up happening.  Turns out Esai was not entirely interested in the church, and the situation ended up being better for elders.  And Lupe and Manny are still not married.  They won't be able to be until around May, so she'll get baptized next year.  It's sad that that's how that ended up working out for both of those. 

And now it's December.  Wow this year went by crazy fast.  At times I wish it would have gone faster, but a lot of the time I wish it would slow down.  I love being a missionary.  My black hole year is almost over. (an entire year from January to December spent on a mission)  That's just weird.  I think of where I am now compared to where I was a year ago.  I have learned so much!  And I still have so much to learn!  In a way I wish sisters also had the option of serving for two years.  18 months is just not enough time to accomplish everything you set out to do!

It's really neat to see all the work that Sister Mills and I were able to accomplish during our 18 weeks together.  She is a very hard worker and helped this area blossom so much.  I hope she has the same effect in her next area. 

Well my birthday is on Wednesday (thanks for all the happy birthday wishes! )  and I'm a little dismayed it will be spent with strangers.  But that's okay because people instantly love sister missionaries anyway, so I'll feel lots of love that night I am sure.  I love you all, and I hope you have a great week!

Love, Sister Stacey

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